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pixie hollow when it was open & closed

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Tinkerbell videos

Hey guys its been lonely here so I’m going to make a new post that you might recognize from the PH homepage. Hope u enjoy. 🙂









Farewell Melissa

Hey guys !! It’s me Rose . I just recently noticed that I’m Melissa’s guest author and I wanted to make my first and last post before Melissa closes her blog. So this post is dedicated to our wonderful friend Melissa who will be closing her Pixie Hollow blog soon.

melody fall


And here r some of her beautiful drawings

videa i drew but i can draw it better on paper

rani i drew but i can draw better on a pice of paper injoy

bess as good as i can draw on computer

zarina i drew

bell i drew in the morning

And her Blingees

pixie dust princess blingee





rosetta blingee

fawn  2

And there’s many other Blingees that she has. But let’s get on to the next thing.

We will miss her blog a lot, but on the bright side she has open a new blog called ” Mel’s Spark City Adventures ” and if u want the link it’s and here’s the link to her PH saver blog


Fly with u later,

Rose 🙂



last post

hey guys this is my last post on my blog so I want to write about everything . I started new blogs & I hope people will come to those . in my last post I wrote about this . I saw no one came to my blog . no one . so im took down my posts & soon I will put a notice on this blog saying this blog is closed . hears some tissue in case we start to cry .


my little pony .

now that Disney is being mean & closing things like dc & ph I started to boycott . so I wondered what to watch . then I found my little pony . I use to watch it when I was small . I guse its the same with me & fairies . I watched them since I was a baby . both ! 😀


my little swirl

swirl my cat 017

this is my cat swirl . hes my little baby . my bro had him when I was one . he still lived with us . anyways my sis had him until 3 years ago . now hes mine . we have been together since we wear both 1 ! 😀 he dint care if I pulled his tale or pulled him . to this day he doesn’t care if I sleep on him . ! 😀

swirl my cat 015

spark city


I play spark city . its a game like ph . there’s games , coins & lots of friends . I love it . if you want me to send you a email to sigh up please email me at . p.s. if you want me to make you a sc edit please email me .



oh remember blingee ? the thing I made pics on ? well I got bord of it . its boring . but hears some blingees

tink blingee


stuped cp !

I hate cp. its stuped , dumb & so much $$$ !

cp puffle party outfit 1 piky pink puffle shirt

my friends



sarah pic




sap dress


julie 1


elva aspenpetal

thanks guys for being my friends 😀 ill miss my blog but look on my blog roll for my new blog . thanks 😀 ❤